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Upskilling counselling workers for remote, online services provision
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The Project

The prevalent mismatch between incresead demand for mental health support and current capacity of mental health workers, can be attributed to a deficit in training offerings on remote-based mental health care provision, impending mental health workers’ capability to acquire relevant skills and competencies. The strengthening of both initial and continuous VET provision in the field is therefore essential so that the European mental health workforce can develop the mix of technical (e.g using digital platforms), organizational (e.g. establishing a comfortable environment for the “beneficiary”) and communication (e.g to communicating in a mediated environment) skills required to plan and run counselling sessions optimally.
REMCO project’s results will provide tools for responding to this challenge.
The project’s specific objectives are to:
  1. Document the skills required for providing online, remote mental health services
  2. Define learning outcomes for a C-VET course for mental health workers on effective remote mental health services provision
  3. Design, test and deliver a sector-validated online course for mental health workers to support digital, organizational and communication skills acquisition
  4. Provide ready to use tools for mental health workers to facilitate the roll-out and support the provision of remote counselling services.

  1. Needs assessment analysis to define common skills/occupational requirements for mental health workers in providing remote mental health support services
  2. Evidence based, measurable and assessable learning outcomes for continuing VET provision on the knowledge and skills requires  by mental health workers to be able to plan and run online remote sessions
  3. Formal VET learning units on remote mental health service provision skills requirements for mental health care workers
  4. Open Educational Resources and a self-standing online course (MOOC) in 7 languages
  5. A self-assessment tool for mental health professionals and institutions to assess their readiness and skills for remote counselling
  6. Best practice guide with remote counselling case studies
  7. Planning tools and protocols for the roll out of remote counselling practices
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